For all H3O Inc. safety related questions/comments, Please feel free to email our Safety Manager B. Scott Wilson @

H3O Safety Commitment

H3O Inc's primary commitment and obligation is to provide a safe workplace for all employees. In addition, the general public, contractors and our clients working alongside H3O deserve the safest environment possible.

​H3O Incorporated makes safety its #1 Priority. With a current EMR of .74 and over 500,000 man-hours with only one recordable in over 6 years, our record speaks for itself.

All new hires are safety trained for two days of vigorous training to ensure they can meet OSHA, MSHA, H3O and client safety standards. And all employees are refreshed on an annual basis.

H3O currently holds "A" grades for ISNetworld, PICS Auditing and BROWZ Compliance safety programs. We are currently in the process of obtaining OSHA's SHARP Certification.