Pipe and Tank installation at Chemical plant in Eugene, OR Tanks were fabricated in our shop and delivered to site..

Formed, poured and finished concrete slab in Wyoming.

Removed boiler from Chemical Plant.

500 HP Turbine Pump Replacement at Water Treatment Plant.

Fabricated & Installed new brew kettle.

Fabricated and installed new catwalk for a steel mill.

Chemical plant in Albany, OR. We can station a crew at your plant and take care of all of your needs with quality and cost savings in mind.

Tank and Machinery Installation

Concrete Projects



Emergency Shutdown work performed by H3O for a Pulp & Paper plant in Washington.

Office Administration Steel Structure Installation.

Misc. Tanks, Vessels and Conveyors fabricated at our facility in Albany, OR.

H3O Inc. has the ability to fabricate and install many varieties of stairs, rails, canopies, mezzanines and more..... 

With our "U" and "R" Stamps, H3O can build pressure vessels according to your specifications.

H3O Inc. has many safe, skilled and talented welders to support your needs.

Fabricated and Installed Misc. Rails and Awnings.

Fabricated and installed fencing for a large US sand and gravel corporation.

With our large fabrication shop, H3O Inc. can fabricate anything from sidewalk railings, catwalks, mezzanines, canopies, bins, hoppers, small or large tanks, digesters, cooling towers, industrial stacks, conveyors and so much more.....

X-ray, welding, pipe fitting and fabrication support for a large hydro-power dam.